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What will you see?

Even the person with the highest expectations will find his own interesting curiosities in this city. You can discover anything – parks with beautiful nature, unique buildings with both old and modern architecture or even a museum, which holds the maximum of 3 Stars in the Michelin Travel Guide.


You will have the possibility to create a tailored city tour based on your own preferences. Usually, the tours are divided into three types based on the means of transport:


  1. The City Walk – most of this tour takes a place in the area of the city centre, and you will be travelling by foot
  2. The Cyclist Tour – as the name is indicating, you will be travelling on a bicycle, and have more time to visit attractions further from the city
  3. The Bus Tour – you will be travelling by bus together with one of our professional guides


Below, you can find few of the many interesting attractions of Aarhus:


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