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Are you interested in visiting Aarhus, but not sure of what and where the must-sees of the city are? Are you looking for professional guides who tell you the fascinating stories and show you the hidden secrets of the city, and in your own language?

If so, Service & CO is a perfect match for you! We are here to provide you with all the services you need and make your visit in Aarhus an unforgettable experience! To find more information, please have a look at the What will you see? or Book your tour sections.


We look forward to showing you our beautiful city of Aarhus!

Who are we?
Service & Co is an organisation providing experienced tour guides for the city of Aarhus. We are here to give you the opportunity to see and experience the City of Smiles through the eyes of your private guide. This way, you will be able to get an insight into the various secrets and old stories that the city carries.

The guides

Our guides are trained professionals that are able to add a whole new dimension to your tour in and around Aarhus. Our guides are eager to pass on their deep knowledge of the city itself, tell you about the numerous opportunities waiting for you, and present the qualities and history of the city, as well as the area surrounding Aarhus.

We also have a wide range of nationalities between our guides and based on your special preference, you are able to choose a guide who can speak one of the following languages:

Danish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Chinese.

What will you see?
Even the person with the highest expectations will find his own interesting curiosities in this city. You can discover anything – parks with beautiful nature, unique buildings with both old and modern architecture or even a museum, which holds the maximum of 3 Stars in the Michelin Travel Guide.

You will have the possibility to create a tailored city tour based on your own preferences. Usually, the tours are divided into three types based on the means of transport:

The City Walk – most of this tour takes a place in the area of the city centre, and you will be going by foot
The Bus Tour – you will be accompanied by one of our professional guides on a bus tour whether it’s inside or outside the City of Aarhus. If you don’t have a bus available we will be happy to help with the booking.

Below, you can find few of the many interesting attractions of Aarhus:

Aarhus Rådhus - City Hall

Designed by the architect Arne Jacobsen – the construction started in 1938 and was finished in 1941.

Aarhus Rådhus is a functional building and houses the Mayor, aldermen and the politicians of the city. Events such as weddings and larger assemblies also takes place in the City Hall.

A guidet tour takes 1 hour and we recommend a maximum of 25 persons per group. If you wish to visit the Tower as well we recommend a 1½ hour in total.

Booking of a guidet tour inside must be approved by the City Hall therefore we need the request for date and time 14 days in advance.

Den Gamle By - The Old Town

Enjoy a lovely and cozy visit in The Old Town, that will give you an insight into what Danmark and Aarhus looked like in 1500-1800s. Both buildings, streets and not least the gardens are maintained just as they were back then.

The Old Town is mentioned with 3 stars in the  Michelin Travel Guide and is open for visitors 365 days of the year.

A guidet tour last approximately 1 hour (entry is not included in our prices – The Old Town offers a special discount price for groups of minimum 20 persons)

Walking Tours in Aarhus

The Viking City of Aarhus – Learn more about the history of Aarhus from its founding sometime in the 7th century. Aarhus is most probably the oldest city in all of Scandinavia – its bishop’s council dates to the 9th century, and the city is mentioned in the Icelandic sagas. The tour can be combined with a guided visit to the Viking Museum under Nordea Bank – Entrance: adults 30 kr – children have free entry.

Latin Quarter – one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, surrounded by vibrant city life with atmospheric restaurants and shops. Stroll past the old half-timbered houses as well as the 18th-century farmhouses. It was here that the city’s industrialization began – a process that would make Aarhus prominent as Denmark’s largest port and second largest city.

City walking Tour – a walk through Aarhus City Center, where you can see and learn more about the Cathedral, Aarhus Theater, Latin Quarter, Church of Our Lady, Møllestien, the Music Hall, the City Hall and take a stroll through the free passage at ARoS, where they have opened a new and cozy area with a café, lounge and souvenir shop. End the trip at the top of Aarhus with a beautiful view from the Salling Rooftop.

All tours can be adjusted exactly according to your wishes regarding a specific theme of the tour, highlights and duration of the tour.

Bus Tours in and around Aarhus

Highlights of Aarhus – On this panoramic bus tour you can see the most important highlights of the city – see the unique City Hall from 1941, the Music Hall, ARoS and Skt. Clemens Cathedral, Denmark’s longest and tallest cathedral. Drive past the University – the second oldest and second largest in Denmark, the Botanical Gardens and the Old Town. Aarhus is a very green city, so take a drive through the lush Marselisborg Forest and get a view of Marselisborg Palace as you stroll through the Palace Garden. Include also a stop at The Memorial Park or Marselisborg Deer Park (free entry).

Ebeltoft & Mols – Founded in 1200, the old market town of Ebeltoft is today one of Denmark’s most beloved seaside resorts. Ebeltoft boasts cobbled streets lined with traditional half-timbered houses, flower boxes overflowing with beautiful and colorful hollyhocks (Alcea), and a picturesque and charming old marketplace.  Explore the scenic areas of Mols as well.

Silkeborg & Sky Mountain – From Aarhus, you’ll head out into the region of Denmark known as mid-Jutland. This is a hilly area that boasts dynamic scenery and a chain of beautiful blue lakes surrounded by lush forest. Visit the Sky Mountain, which rests 147 meters (482 feet) above sea level. Visit Silkeborg, a small town with great charm. Here you will find narrow streets and busy squares, medieval houses, small shops and a historical museum where you can see the fascinating Tollund Man (entrance to the museum is not included).



Dokk1 is a cultural center that includes the Aarhus Main Library, the Aarhus City Archives (from 2016), the Citizen Service and other cultural workplaces. The complex was inaugurated on June 20, 2015 and was designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. Both in the design and in the choice of technical solutions, the focus is on sustainable initiatives.

Dokk1 is the largest public library in Scandinavia, and here you will also find a café, project rooms, halls, study cells, playground and art, as well as Europe’s largest automatic parking facility with 1000 underground parking spaces.

In Dokk1 there is room for experiences and activity as well as tranquility and contemplation.

A tour of Dokk1 takes approx. 1 hour, and here you can learn more about the vision of the construction, the sustainable initiatives and much more.

Aarhus Havn - The Harbor

The port of Aarhus is one of the largest ports in the northern part of Europe. In the northern part of the harbor, modern buildings have begun to be constructed, and they are meant to be a contrast to the classic Danish architecture.

Aarhus Sydhavn is a former industrial port area, which in the future will accommodate buildings for office workplaces, creative professions such as Aarhus Filmby, artist workshops, culture and socially vulnerable groups. The old coal bridge with a pedestrian path at the top is meant to be a central link for pedestrians in the neighborhood and through a bridge over the building Spanien it will connect the port area with the rest of the city.

Book a guided tour, where you can also visit Dokk1 and combine it with a tour on Aarhus Ø.

Aarhus Ø

Aarhus Ø is a brand new neighborhood close to Aarhus city center, near both the harbor and the sea. It’s a district with new and very modern residential complexes, business opportunities etc. “Urban life before urban and urban space before buildings” – it was the starting point for a magical urban space where communities emerge and where dynamics and diversity are the focus.

The architects have been given free play to create unique, iconic buildings – It is an architectural paradise!

A guided tour on aarhus Ø gives the opportunity to see the Dome of Vision, the Iceberg, the Lighthouse Tower, the Harbor and Canal Houses, the Harbor Bath in Basin 7, the Volcano, the Marina House, the Generations House, Nicoline House, the Warehouses and Havneholmen etc.


The Botanical Garden & Greenhouses

The Botanical Garden gives you an insight into the whole of Denmark’s nature and all in one place. The garden is set in hilly terrain, and there are extensive lawns with large, freestanding trees as well as small, intimate, green spaces.

The Alpine bed and the Danish Plant Society are interesting areas that you can see on your route. The rose bed, the theme gardens and the collection of grasses and perennials are other interesting places in the garden. They are cared for by volunteers – Friends of the Botanical Garden.

Greenhouses – Explore 4 different climate zones with beautiful flowers and impressive plants and discover the little tales of nature’s wealth and influence on our everyday lives.

Also, visit the brand new 3,000-square-foot playground that was inaugurated in September 2019. The purpose is to make it one of Aarhus’ new green gathering places – for the family’s youngest and oldest members.


Marselisborg Palace

The Palace was built in 1899-1902 by architect Hack Kampmann and was honored as the people’s wedding gift to Crown Prince Christian and his bride Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The couple started the tradition of using the palace as a summer residence.

Marselisborg Palace is a public gift in the sense that the project was financed by voluntary, financial contributions and it was built on a piece of land donated by the Municipality of Aarhus for the purpose.

The about 13 ha. large park was landscaped in English style with large lawns surrounded by trees, small lakes and overgrown small hills. In addition to a number of works of art, the park contains a rose park and a herb garden.

Moesgaard Museum

The museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the modern design of the building, as well as to see past findings presented in a breathtaking and innovative way. Most of the archaeological collections are Danish, but the museum also have changing exhibitions from all over the world.

Combine your visit to the Moesgaard Museum with a guided tour of the surrounding area:

The Museum includes about 100 hectares of park, forest, open field and beach. The area extends from the museum down to Moesgaard Beach in the east. Follow the approximately four kilometer long Ancient Trail, where several reconstructions reflects different periods of time in the history of Denmark’s – from the Stone Age to the Late Middle Ages.

Our guides also give a thorough presentation of the museum and the exhibits before exploring it on your own.

If needed, in addition to the guiding services, we are also able to provide you with extra customer service. This includes services such as taking care of reservations and the booking of busses and restaurants, language assistance in connection with business visits, transfer assistance from the airports to Aarhus and guide service at the airports, aids to escort in connections with visits from abroad and lectures.

In order to book the tour, please contact us on the information below and we will provide you with more details.

+45 76 125 225


The price of the current tour depends on the length of the tour and the number of languages.

1 Hour 1.215 DKK
1 ½ Hour 1.455 DKK
2 Hours 1.695 DKK
2 ½ Hours 1.895 DKK
3 Hours 2.095 DKK
3 ½ Hours 2.285 DKK
4 Hours 2.475 DKK
4 ½ Hours 2.665 DKK
5 Hours 2.855 DKK
5 ½ Hours 3.035 DKK
6 Hours 3.215 DKK
6 ½ Hours 3.380 DKK
7 Hours 3.545 DKK
7 ½ Hours 3.710 DKK
8 Hours 3.875 DKK

Administrations gebyr: 375,- DKK

After the 8th hour the price is 330 kr per hour.

Please notice – entrance to for example the Cathedral, The Old Town or Museums in general aren’t included
in our prices. Unless other arrangements are made the visits will be external only.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide busses so this must be booked and paid separately – however we will gladly
assist with finding good offers and with the booking.

The above mentioned fees are valid between 8 am and 6 pm. Before 8 am and after 6 pm there is an
additional fee of DKK 300,00 per hour.

For tours starting and/or ending outside the city (Ringgaderne) there is an additional fee of DKK 300, 00 kr. per hour, and the cost of the cheapest means of transport for the guide must be reimbursed.

Cancellation of guide must be 48 hours before start of tour. If cancellation is later, you will be invoiced for the first hour.

Additional fee of DKK 200,00 per hour for guiding in two languages.

NB. Prices are valid for 2019 and 2020


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